Learning Through Playing With Kids

 Learning Through Playing With Kids

Playtime with parents helps strengthen a child’s bond and feeling of security toward their caregivers, but being exposed to other children their age is the best way to develop their social skills. Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp offers a perfect learning environment for your precious child and their future best buds.

Our preschool in Manhattan, New York gives your child the chance to play with other children their age and learn important interpersonal skills they will need in the future.

Things They Can Learn from Playing with Other Children
If you’re still skeptical about how we can help your child, here are some of the things they’ll learn through their interaction with other kids:

  • They will be able to build their confidence
  • Hone their language and communication skills
  • They will learn to care for others and the environment
  • Strengthen their immune system’s defense against germs and bacteria

It’ll be hard to let your child out of your sight, but trust that they’ll be in capable hands if you enroll them here. Our programs for Child Care in Riverdale, New York ensure that your child will come home having learned new values and skills.

Learning Year-Round
Summertime happens every year, and with school being out and gadgets being at arm’s length, it’s easy to get a child hooked on them for hours on end. This is harmful to not only their eyesight but also their overall health. Avoid those risks by enrolling them in our summer camp in Briarwood, New York!

Here’s how we can help them:

  • Our games keep them active, lessening the risk of obesity
  • They can explore new interests and develop new skills
  • They can develop social skills like consideration toward others, sharing, and also taking turns.
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