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Why Renanim?

Excellent Child Care in Riverdale NY

Commitment to academics for our early learners.

The young child learns by doing–through play–in a supportive, non-threatening environment– to think critically and creatively to solve problems with which he is confronted. With the support and guidance of his teachers, he explores and discovers in a comfortable atmosphere, where he learns with no fear or pressure–so that he looks forward to coming to school and learning throughout his educational years and his life.

An interdisciplinary environment.

Includes arts and crafts, music, language development–listening, speaking, reading, and writing–science (nature, animals, “green” environment and conservation of our resources) and social studies (cooperative learning with children of his own age, who may come from similar or diverse backgrounds.)

Our Teachers.

We are blessed to have such wonderful teachers who are passionate about teaching and providing Child Care in Riverdale New York. All our teachers are certified and experienced in Early Childhood Education. Most of our teachers are bilingual speaking English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French and Hindi.

Spiritual and emotional development

We promote spiritual and emotional development as well as intellectual and social: Learning about and observance of Jewish customs and holidays as well as Shabbat; and also, about being a good person with “Derek eretz” who looks forward to doing what he can for “tikkun olam.”

Parental involvement.

Parents receive a monthly calendar; an e-mailed letter of the week’s goals and activities to meet those goals. Outside every classroom is a bulletin board that contains additional information about what is going on in your child’s class.

A New and Beautiful Facility with 4 Classrooms.

In providing Child Care in Riverdale New York, each classroom has a bathroom with a toilet and sink for the children. Each classroom has another sink (for washing up after activities); a refrigerator; a microwave; and each classroom has its own access to the outdoor yard. This allows children to move freely in class and outside under constant teacher supervision. The teacher is with the class for the full day; at no time are the children left alone without teacher or other adult supervision.