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Nursery School (2 years)

Riverdale NY Nursery School

The primary focus in our 2-year-old class is to encourage the children to become self-sufficient and develop the social skills necessary to enjoy a structured preschool setting. We teach the children to take turns and to share, and we encourage them to develop proper table manners and good personal hygiene. We place particular emphasis on helping our 2’s acquire language and speech skills, and we introduce the children to developmentally appropriate math and early literacy.

As we provide Child Care in Riverdale New York, the school day follows a set schedule integrating teacher-directed (Circle Time) and small group activities, as well as free play. Special teachers for music, yoga and movement visit the class each week. The children do many different types of arts and crafts projects using a variety of media, including paint, markers, crayons, clay, and play dough, to name a few. The children have many opportunities and props for dramatic play, an important aspect of early childhood education. They also begin to enjoy cooking and baking in this class. Weather permitting; we take the children outdoors to play in our enclosed private playground.

We have two head teachers in the class-an American teacher and an Israeli teacher. Our theme-based curriculum includes traditional American themes as well as Jewish cultural themes. Every Friday the children celebrate Kabbalat Shabbat (Welcoming the Sabbath) and have a chance to role play as they take turns being the Imah (Mother) of Shabbat and the Abba (Father) of Shabbat each week.

Two-year-olds love parties and celebrations, so we place particular emphasis on celebrating birthdays and holidays in the class.