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Universal Prekindergarten (PKA)

Briarwood NY Universal Prekindergarten

We offer a full-day Universal Prekindergarten for our 4 year-old children. Funded by the New York City Department of Education prepares children for kindergarten. We follow the New York State Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core which is the first step of the continuum of education that New York State children will follow throughout their education.

Our theme-based PKA curriculum incorporates the five major domains of developmentally appropriate education–Approaches to Learning; Physical Development and Health; Social and Emotional Development; Communication, Language, and Literacy; and Cognition and Knowledge of the World. The curriculum for the school year is divided into three major interdisciplinary general themes: My Community and Me, The Environment and Me; and Change and Growth All Around Me.

The school day provides opportunities for whole-class instruction, small group activities in the learning centers in the classroom, and individual instruction. Learning centers include Dramatic Play, Blocks, Science, Writing, Library, Computer and Arts & Crafts. The teachers and assistants encourage the children to select which center they wish to be in and then guide them as they make use of the materials in the center.