Preschool Teaches Children to Take Care of Themselves and Others

Preschool Teaches Children to Take Care of Themselves and Others

Our upper east-side preschool in Manhattan, New York is a good place to develop and grow your child’s self-worth and competency as they are given the chance to care for themselves and others. For instance, our teachers here may ask a child to help clean up the clutter or assist in teaching another child who is still learning about the different shapes and the alphabet.

  • Learning to Be Helpful

    Children at Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp learn better behavior and consideration towards others. We show them the importance of helping other people by giving tasks that help highlight this value; the teacher may ask the child to help a classmate distribute papers for art activities or help carry a box of legos for group play-time.

    We also have a summer camp in Briarwood, New York where children engage in outdoor activities that promote teamwork and collaboration.

  • Fun with New Friends!

    Our activities for children enrolled in childcare in Riverdale, New York provide them with an environment that facilitates learning and development of their communication, social, and emotional skills, which will help them adjust and adapt to the new environment in formal schooling.

Your precious tot will be surrounded by children their age; this will enhance their communication skills, cooperation skills, creativity, and learning as they create make-believe situations, such as managing a restaurant. You will see that they will start assigning tasks for each member to do. One child will be the waiter; the other will be the chef, and the others will be the diners. This can quickly turn a solo activity into a group play-time! Plus, our classrooms have a lot of “props” and costumes that help stimulate your child’s imagination.

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