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Creating the Best Summer Memories

One of the most important times for children is the summer. During this period, they will enjoy the time they have to themselves and their friends by playing outside. However, if you wish for your child to do something fun … Continue reading

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Having a Great First Day at Preschool

This is it. Their first day at our preschool in Manhattan, New York! Unfortunately, you noticed your child is not that excited about their new adventure. But don’t worry, we at Renanim Preschool And Summer Camp are here to help … Continue reading

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Preschool Teaches Children to Take Care of Themselves and Others

Our upper east-side preschool in Manhattan, New York is a good place to develop and grow your child’s self-worth and competency as they are given the chance to care for themselves and others. For instance, our teachers here may ask … Continue reading

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Prepare Your Child for Elementary Education

Yes, it is important for parents to educate their children at home, and this has been found to help children get an academic head start. But, this won’t develop the child’s emotional and social skills which are important to have … Continue reading

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Helping Preschoolers Adjust to a New Baby in the Family

Dealing with a new baby sibling at home can be tough on toddlers and preschoolers. Having experienced being the sole princes or princesses and having relished all your attention for a number of years, they are probably feeling a variety … Continue reading

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Welcoming a New Baby Sibling to Your Older Kids’ Lives

Welcoming another child to your family is one of the most exciting times. However, it can be a great change, especially for your older kids. Having a baby sibling may require significant adjustments for them. So, as a provider of … Continue reading

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